Visual Storytelling...By A Visually Impaired Guy!

Welcome to The Palette Project, the new documentary and series from Trailhead Productions. Travel around the world on this remarkable journey. 
This film starts with a personal story, a lifelong photographer slowly losing his eyesight and exploring the world. It continues with a mission of social activism and the amazing stories of the men and women we meet along the way, People who are driven to succeed no matter what the challenge.
Join us on this journey and see what's possible.

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Travel Around The World

It's about exploring the world... one color at a time.

It's about getting off the couch and going around the wold.

And it's about merging the worlds of the camera... and the cane.

All you need to be a part of The Palette Project is a love of adventure and exploration, so I invite you to join me while I travel the world in search of the best stories you've never seen... until now!


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