Jumping On The Learning Curve

It’s been a while since I gave my TED talk about my work as a visually impaired filmmaker and still occasional photographer. and like most people who spend even a little time in front of the lens, I like to go back and review my performances. Call it ego. It’s OK. I do.

This time, though, I was reviewing my TED Talk because I needed to give myself a good kick in the pants. I’ve been working on The Palette Project for quite some time now, and I’ve seen it through its many evolutions. It’s certainly fulfilled every Continue reading “Jumping On The Learning Curve”

Shaking hands and playing nice

The Microsoft Seeing AI App: Microsoft Swings For the Fences

The Microsoft Seeing AI app aims to be a game changer. Look, I get it. Saying the words “game change” or  using the phrase “you’ve gotta try this Microsoft product” is, for me, the equivalent of a chocolate addict saying something like “you’ve gotta try this avocado pudding.” Doesn’t seem to compute, right? And while I have actually done both in the last week, both to my surprise, I want to focus this post on the Microsoft side of the equation. The avocado pudding will likely show up in a future post, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

An image of the Microsoft and Apple logos to represent the new Microsoft Seeing AI app
Microsoft and Apple seems to work well together when it comes to the Microsoft Seeing AI app

This week, Microsoft launched what it calls a research project, but what many in the blind and visually impaired community might very well call a game changer. For a company that, to many people, seems to be at least two steps behind when it comes to accessibility and innovation, the Microsoft Seeing AI app comes from far out of left field, but in my very humble opinion, this is a swing for the fences that results in at least a triple.
I’ve written at length about how Apple products and services have made my travels as a visually impaired filmmaker possible. How the on-board screen reading software, VoiceOver, keeps my work on a laptop humming. How the iOS version of same makes the device about as accessible as it can possibly be for the blind and vision impaired. How the Apple approach to accessibility has always Continue reading “The Microsoft Seeing AI App: Microsoft Swings For the Fences”

Israel Travel Tips: Getting A Break… Whether You Want It Or Not

The final Israel travel tip

We’v covered a lot of ground in the past few mini-posts when it comes to Israel travel tips. We’ve talked about getting in, getting out, getting around and getting money. Now, for this last post, let’s talk about getting a break, because for at least one day a week, you need to know that this may be imposed upon you regardless of your intended travel itinerary.

I loved how, in the background of the city, as you can hear in clips like, you can hear the chants of the Sabbath and of people starting a day of observance from all corners of the city.  However, you need to know this is coming, and what you should do about it from the perspective of a traveler.

In general, the Israeli work week has a different rhythm than many other places around the

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Israel Travel tips: Tip #4, Getting Money

So far in this series of connected mini blog posts about travel tips for visiting Israel, we’ve tackled getting in, getting out and getting around. Let’s talk about different ways to handle money.

The main unit of Israeli currency is the New Israeli shekel (NS) and some denominations are dispersed in either bill or coin form, so you’ll need to pay attention to how you store it. The shekel also has fractional denominations called agora, also in coin form.

A picture of Israeli money
Handling money in Israel is a pretty simple process, although some denominations also come in coin form.

We need to talk about I.S. money also, and this will be a Continue reading “Israel Travel tips: Tip #4, Getting Money”