News: The Palette Project And The Creative Magic Network Podcast

I am so thrilled to have been a guest on a brand new podcast created and hosted by two of my colleagues who are really making a difference in the world. As pre-production for the Yellow segment of The Palette Project continues, it’s so exciting to get the word out by appearing on podcasts, blogs and at events around the world.

The “What’s Your Excuse?” podcast is Maxwell Ivey’s newest creation. Max is, quite simply, a real adventurer. He’s one of the 2016 winners of the Amtrak “Riders in Residence” award. Recipients of the award take the experience of immersing themselves in the wonders and beauty of America as seen from the train to communicate their own creative visions to others. Max is taking his perspective as a blind traveler in order to share stories of adventure with his audience. He’ll be setting out this holiday season, and I’m looking forward to sharing his journey here. His podcast starts with the idea that anyone can lay claim to accomplishment and achievement. We had a great conversation about the stories I’m finding through each color of the painter’s palette.

Here’s the link

The podcast is produced by Frederic Bye, and his website is going to be a touchstone for me as this story continues. The Creative magic Network is all about this fantastic idea that when upbeat and optimistic people get together with the common understanding that there are no boundaries to making a difference, anything is possible. I’ll be writing a lot more about Frederick soon, but make sure to check out his website.

I hope that as The Palette Project gets more publicity over the next few months before setting out for the next adventure, we can all enjoy the network of remarkable people I’m meeting along the way and as always…