This Blog Is Now Gluten Free


This is how to cross the street.

If you’re standing on the right side of an intersection, wait until a car on your left has passed fully through that intersection, which confirms a green light, rather than just a left turn only signal for cars coming towards you.  If you’re on the left side of an intersection, wait until an oncoming car passes through that intersection, again confirming a green light, but in this case signifying that cars on your right won’t turn into your path, which would happen if there was just a left turn signal rather than a green light. As far as bicycles and the occasional Prius are concerned, do the best you can.  Never assume you have a green light just because another pedestrian is walking into traffic

I should mention this is how to cross the street when you can’t see where you’re going.

Hi. My name is Michael. I’m visually impaired, and there’s a good chance that someday I’ll be completely blind.

That’s the truth and I can’t change it.

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