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Filmmaking Essentials: The Fixer Upper, Part II

When last we met…
The idea of engaging in the services of a fixer immediately conjures up images of dark alleys, shady men in overcoats and whispers of “Psst, hey buddy.” Or at least, what for me is the definitive shady character of my youth:

It all seams a little on the seamy side. I mean, what, after all, is so tricky for a filmmaker that it requires a professional to grease wheels, palms and anything else that is on first inspection, more than a little squeaky?
Turns out, there are Continue reading “Filmmaking Essentials: The Fixer Upper, Part II”

Angry Cows And Other Musings From Working in a Television Newsroom

I don’t think it’s fair that one of the most poignant comments I’ve ever heard about living in the moment was spoken by a second billing character on The Office. But most of the mental scar tissue that comes from working in a television newsroom leaves a person with a lifeboat of unintended consequences.

Working in a television newsroom, the cow connection
Oh, I’m going somewhere with this

I used to have this keychain. A knickknack I picked up in a place I know not where, or so it would be written in a more poetic blog than this. Like all keychains, its real purpose was to express the personality of the person who owned the keys it chained. That’s really a lot to ask out of a keychain, when you think about it, but mine served its purpose well. . A cartoon picture of a cow in the middle of a grassy pasture, with the caption “Outstanding in the Field” written across the bottom. For a guy who truly appreciates the value of a good “man walks into a bar” joke, this was comedy gold.

It bears repeating. Forty-three and single. It’s all starting to make a bit more sense.

I had been working in a television newsroom in Sioux Falls for just shy of three months, and on election night 1993, I found myself on the outskirts of a small town called Vermillion, many miles and a world away from my home away from home, the television newsroom. For everyone playing “Alma Maters of the Broadcast News Anchors” bingo, you’ll want to check your cards for Vermillion, because this is where Tom Brokaw went to college. Vermillion is the home of the University of South Dakota… if anything served as a barometer of the excitement level of this election cycle, the  Continue reading “Angry Cows And Other Musings From Working in a Television Newsroom”