The #1 Crowdfunding Success Tip

Every week, there are literally thousands of new crowdfunding projects launched across crowdfunding sites that now number in the hundreds. But whether you use Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe or one of the specialty sites (I use Patreon and recommend it to other creative professionals like me, who have long term goals like growing a dedicated fan base), there’s one tip you need to know that will substantially increase your crowdfunding campaign’s success.

A crowd in from of Uluru before sunrise
Crowdfunding success is actually not difficult, but it does depend on one critical step you have to take

This is critical information that you need to know, and it will make the biggest difference in how Continue reading “The #1 Crowdfunding Success Tip”

Crowdfunding for Filmmakers

Crowdfunding For Filmmakers: Is Patreon The Answer?

Crowdfunding for filmmakers. It’s a crowded space, and in the continuing quest for the best crowdfundign site for filmmakers, I can now report that I’ve landed on Patreon. Although I’m still early on in the process of evaluating how Patreon will fit in when it comes to my long term strategy, I want to tell you why I can give a tentative thumbs up to this site. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to crowdfunding for filmmakers who have numerous funding strategies working for them, it’s a good idea to choose Patreon.

Crowdfunding for filmmakers
I wasn’t thinking about crowdfunding for filmmakers while filmmaking in a crowd, but the two go hand in hand. Click the picture to see the results of the crowdfunding efforts.

Patreon bills itself as the world’s fastest growing crowdfunding site for creative artists and who are also creative professionals. As one of those creative types, I can tell you the site passes the smell test. It handles professionals’ needs in an efficient Continue reading “Crowdfunding For Filmmakers: Is Patreon The Answer?”