why trailhead?

The lure of the trail has been a passion of mine for about as far back as I can remember. Even as a child growing up in the suburbs, where there was nary a trail to be found, I sought out the areas near my 1970's neighborhood that - to a child's eyes at least - seemed unexplored. Riverbanks, streambeds, pockets of still undeveloped land that had not been encroached upon. And for me, the "journey to the journey," the point at which the possibility of the unexplored became clear, was as interesting as what lay at the end of the eventual trail itself. As I grew into an experienced hiker, I realized that I was driven as much by finding the trailhead, because this was the point at which I knew I was committed to the journey. An exciting path stretched out before me, but my commitment to finding it felt almost as if I had indeed earned the right to be on the journey.

I take this commitment with me into my work. My love of visual storytelling begins with the client. We're not just on the trail. We're finding the trailhead. The trail itself will be challenging and rewarding, but our commitment to recognizing the trailhead stands for something too.

It all Starts with an Idea

At Trailhead, we listen. Plain and simple. We work with your ideas and your budget, and then we add the creative touch that only comes with experience and a love for original thinking. We work with only the best crews in town, or out of town if necessary, and when your project hits our post-production facilities, your idea is on the path to greatness.

The Storyteller - Not the Story

It all comes down to good storytelling. Whether it's promoting your organization, selling your business, creating your television shows - it's all about telling people your story. At Trailhead, owner Michael Schwartz brings fifteen years of experience in television news and production to the table, and you'll see what that means all along the way. An award winning reporter, Michael knows television and works for you with the same dedication and ideals valued by the best in the business.   "We're the storytellers, not the story."  That means that at Trailhead, we never forget that you and your dreams are the stars of the show.

New Trails are Always on the Horizon

At Trailhead, we don't pack it in at the end of the road because the road keeps going.  Our idea of quality customer service means we're here for you after your project is finished.  You can count on Trailhead for professional results and seamless follow-through on your next project.

Because the best stories never end... Count on Trailhead.