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Don't bury the lead. It's Journalism 101, and at Trailhead Productions, we never forget our dedication to the basics of our business. Your tape, professionally edited, mastered and shipped, with 10 free DVD copies, labels and sleeves, along with free USPS Priority Mail shipping in the continental United States for only $249.

Plus, the best services on the web to help you improve your skills, talk about the business and get noticed. Downloadable tutorials, career coaching and consultation, whatever you need, we're here to help.

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We Keep it Simple

We know that the most frustrating part of putting together a resumé tape is that it seems to take up all of your time - sticking around after hours, finding someone in CG you can trust to build a slate, finding the right cases for your tapes so you don't have to send your tape in a Maxell sleeve. Let us take care of all that, at a price that's in your budget.

"Trailhead Productions is an AMAZING company. I would recommend their services to anyone. Experiencing fast service with OUTSTANDING feedback not only helped me to improve my show for my viewers but it also helped me with my tape!! I would recommend this service to anyone who needs critiquing as well as someone who wants more than anything to have a good tape that you know will represent you and your hard work."
Chandra Lloyd
Macon, GA
Get your money's worth

Start by checking our styles and services page to find a style you want for your slate. Next, fill out the electronic form. That's it. When we get the information from your form, we go to work. We'll provide an free initial consultation to make sure we're getting your best work, and when you send us your material, we build your slate, edit your montage, line up your stories, clean up the video where we can and make a master copy. You preview your reel online, and our policy is that we don't charge you for the balance due until the reel is edited to your satisfaction.

get your career in gear

The goal is to get your tape off the floor of the News Director's office. After that, there's a hard truth: you get fifteen seconds to make your case. Fifteen seconds. We know that's all you get. At Trailhead, we'll do our best to make sure you get your chance at making the cut. You bring your experience to the table. We'll do the rest.

Count on Trailhead Productions. Your best source for the best reel at the best price.