One of our primary goals at Trailhead Productions is to use our skills to make a difference in the world. To that end, we've made a committment to seek out and work with people and companies who themselves are dedicated to serving their communities. We recognize the unique production and budgetary needs of nonprofits, and we're here to help.

Who we help

In 2011, more than eighty percent of our clients were nonprofit organizations. And our clients have been as diverse as our community. Foster children finding their forever families. Holocaust survivors sharing their stories. From animal rescue projects and after school programs to outreach, education and placement for young adults with disabilities, we're proud to say that our work helps those who are helping change the world.

We take an approach that works for you:

What is the mission?

What is the story?

What are the unique needs of the company, both immediately and in the long term?

How can we help you increase your outreach, your awareness and your funding?

Our goals are your goals. Tell the story in a way that explains the mission, promotes awareness and increases funding. See what we've done for our corporate and nonprofit clients on our portfolio page.

Our recent nonprofit and community partners:

  • Intuitive Wellness of the Bay Area
  • Higher Ground Neighborhood Development Corporation
  • The Oaklsnd Jazz Choir
  • The Heart Gallery
  • Jewish Family and Children's Services
  • IntuitivEdge Coaching and Consulting
  • Greater Birmingham Humane Society
  • The Full Life Ahead Foundation


See examples of our work here.