We're continuing production on "These Are Our Astronauts," the working title for Trailhead's first documentary produced entirely in-house. Adding to our experience doing post on documentaries for companies like Washington D.C. based Southern Belle Productions, "Astronauts," which takes a look at the state of stem cell research and treatment in the United States, is also being produced by Trailhead and will be distributed and/or marketed to distributors by Trailhead. "As someone with a very personal interest in the progress made in the field of stem cell research and therapy, we're commited to seeing this film all the way through to distribution," said Trailhead founder and President Michael Schwartz.

At this point, interviews have been conducted with many of the principle subjects who have conducted groundbreaking work in stem cell therapies, including Dr. Richard Fessler (Northwestern University) who, in the first ever FDA approved human clinical trial of embryonic stem cell therapies, performed the first United States treatment of spinal cord injuries with cells derived from human embryonic stem cells (hESC's) and Gary Rabin, CEO of Advanced Cell Technology, whose company is currently conducting the only human clinical trials of cells derived from hESC lines. We have further on camera interviews taking place in December, and have conducted numerous background interviews in preparation for our next stage of filming.

Trailhead Productions, LLC is a San Francisco Bay Area based production house that focuses on documentary production and post-production, multimedia video production for nonprofit corporations and broadcast consulting for emerging talent.

trailhead to source and produce new documentary

What a fantastic first year of operations in California. Great work. Great partners and inspring stories. And it just gets better from here.

What a fantastic first year of operations in California. Great work. Great partners and inspring stories. And it just gets better from here.

Trailhead has been kicking around for nine years now, and for the past three years - in addition to our work with nonprofits and broadcast consulting - we've been acting as a post house for up and coming documentary filmmakers. It's time to build on that.

So today, I'm announcing that we've been in preproduction on the first documentary that will be directly sourced and produced from Trailhead. With the incredible opportunities for filmmakers today, thanks to advances in crowdfunding, distribution and technology breakthroughs, there is no excuse to wait. No excuse for not getting the word out.

On May 15, we'll kick off an extended social media campaign by announcing the working title for this film. along with the first digital promotional poster. It's a small step, but it only ramps up from there. There will of course be a trailer on the way. But there will be opportunities to get involved. Contests. Giveaways. Behind the scenes information. And a lot more.

And as far as getting the word out, we need your help.

The biggest issue facing a new project like this is building community consciousness and a social circle around a film. And there are so many little actions you can take along the way. So with a lot of news to come between now and the end of the year, what can you do? Any of these simple things, really.

LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. It's a great start, and most of the news about the film will start from there.

This is our regular web home base, and news here will be mirrored there

There will be other pages to check out that will be connected to the film as the summer progresses. But 21st century storytelling deserves a community behind it. Today, it starts here.

Michael Schwartz

trailhead is on the move

It's been a long time since we've posted to the news page. I'm glad to say that it's because we've been so busy, and because we've been getting a lot of our news out over social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Still, we need to post this news here, because we want to shout it from the rooftops.

Trailhead is growing!

That's right. In January, 2011, we'll be adding a new office in the San Francisco bay area. We've been developing a small but loyal client base in Northern California, and expanding our presence there makes a lot of sense. So we've acquried studio space in Emeryville, which many of you will recognize as the home city of Pixar Animation Studios and Electronic Arts, and are looking forward to an even more hands-on relationship with the nonprofit and creative community in the Bay Area.

Of course, Birmingham will always be part of our home. Our many clients here are so important, and their missions - from increasing foster child adoption rates to finding jobs for people with disabilities and so much more, mean the world to us, and we will continue to serve their needs as well as the needs of our future clients in the South. But this is an exciting step for Trailhead, so stay current on the latest news by checkig back here and on our social media sites for the latest information.

trailhead and heart gallery alabama together for long term project

Trailhead Productions, LLC will be the production and post production studio for a series of 50 videos featuring boys and girls needing adoptive homes in Alabama. This project is being made possible thanks to a grant received by Heart Gallery Alabama to create "webisodes" of each child interviewed. The videos will also be repurposed so that they can be broadcast by television statoins across Alabama. "We are thrilled to be working with Heart Gallery Alabama again," said Trailhead founder and President Michael Schwartz. We have already heard that one girl from our pilot project has found an adoptive home, and the chance to be a part of a large scale effort like this is a truly rewarding experience."

trailhead teams up with heart gallery of alabama

Trailhead Productions, LLC will be the post production studio for a video highlight reel featuring the boys and girls needing adoptive homes in Alabama. The video will premier on February 12 at a fund raiser at Ted's Garage. "The Heart Gallery is realy one a fantastic organization," said Trailhead founder and President Michael Schwartz. "The work they do to create awareness of the special needs these boys and girls are dealing with is truly inspirational." The Heart Gallery of Alabama relies on local artists who donate time and materials to create unique portrats of the boys and girls in need of an adoptive family and displays the pictures at gallery exgibits throughout the state. Trailhead Productions specializes in offering discounted and in kind services to nonprofit organizations.

trailhead and cjfs cjfs beginning six part video series

Trailhead Productions, LLC and Collat Jewish Family Services are working together to crate a six part video series to highlight the services and mission of the nonprofit agency. The series, called "Heart of the Moment," will empasize how the CJFS slogan, "We're Here, Honoring Life, Preserving Dignity, Becoming Family," is utlized in every CJFS program. CJFS and Trailhead have worked together on three pilot projects, also on display in the Trailhead Theater, and the new series will build on this foundation. "CJFS is a real pillar in the Birmingham community," said Trailhaed founder and President Michael Schwartz. "As someone who grew up in Birmingham, I'm thrilled to be able to tell the CJFS story through the eyes of CJFS employees, volunteers and aid recipients."

trailhead and cjfs complete new online video

Trailhead Productions, LLC and Collat Jewish Family and Children's Services have completed a new online video featuring the CJFS Buz-A-Bus service. Buz-A-Bus is a shuttle service that provides transportaion services for all members of the Birmingham area in need of assistance. The video highlights the work being done by CJFS to keep the service available for the entier community, and to provide a pleasant environment for its users. "This was a great experience," said Trailhead President Michael Schwartz. "There is such a bond among the Buz-A-Bus riders and with Manuel Ledon, the driver for more 20 years. It's a real asset for Birmigham to have a service like this and to tell the story of the people who need it.

To view the story, click here

trailhead expands westward

Trailhead Productions, LLC is pleased to announce our newest project with Jewish Family and Children's Services of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties. Trailhead will be creating three website videos that highlight the services available through the JFCS Emergency Assistance Fund. "We're thrilled to be working with the oldest social service agency west of the Mississippi River, a nonprofit resource with a stellar reputation for providing care to those in need," said Trailhead President Michael Schwartz. "This project reinforces our committment to working with nonprofit agencies, and providing them with state of the art media production services." This latest project extends the Trailhead presence nationwide, adding California projects to our corporate work in Arizona, and our nationwide consulting work for media professionals.

Trailhead continues work with holocaust committee

Trailhead Productions, LLC will once again be working with the Birmingham Holocaust Education Committee on a series of oral history projects with Holocaust Survivors. This is the second phase of an ongoing project, with the goal of interviewing every Survivor in the state of Alabama. BHEC members Mitzi Levin and Becky Seitel have been creating powerful paintings and photographs that portray events in the lives of the Survivors. The oral histories are designed to supplement these pieces, with an eventual goal of creating a local archive for potential use in educational institutions and traveling exhibitions.

trailhead screens completed film

Trailhead Productions, LLC has finished post production on the documentary "Temple Beth-El, A Centennial Celebration" for Birmingham synagogue Temple Beth-El. The 45 minute movie gives a sweeping overview of the synagogue's 100 year history in birmingham, and includes never before viewed historical photos, recently uncovered archival music and newly uncovered stories about congregant's involvement in the Birmingham Civil Rights Movement. "This project has been a year long labor of love," says Trailhead President Michael Schwartz. "It's been a fascinating journey into a unique part of Birmingham history." The movie which includes interviews with almost four dozen subjects with ties dating back to almost the turn of the last century, began production in November of 2006. Copies of the movie will soon be available for purchase through Temple Beth-El.

trailhead finishes training video for csi scaffolding

Trailhead Productions, LLC has finished post-production on a training video for Los Angeles based CSI Scaffolding. The video, which was cut with both English and Spanish audio and graphics will be a valuable asset for CSI as part of their training procedures. Trailhead acted as the finishing studio for this project, creating the graphics package and special effects, sweetening audio, and finalizing color correction and underscores.

more online news stories from trailhead

Drawing on more than a decade's experience in television journalism, Trailhead Productions is again proud to be working with another leader in the Birmingham community to produce quality news stories for online distribution. Trailhead Productions and Colatt Jewish Family Services are working together to highlight the vital services provided by CJFS. The first story is now online at the Trailhead site, and will be mirrored on the CJFS site shortly. "Telling stories like this is the best part about this business," says Trailhead president Michael Schwartz. "As someone with a background in news, it's always a joy to find the best stories that aren't being told, and to give those stories a chance to find an audience."

trailhead producing event coverage for over-the-mountain democrats

The political season is underway, and Trailhead Productions, LLC is embarking on a series of new projects with Birmingham based political group Over-the-Mountain Democrats. First on the agenda is the recent panel discussion on Faith and Politics on the campus of Samford University. The event will be produced on-site by Trailhead and edited for streaming viewing on both the Trailhead and the Over-the-Mountain Democrats websites. "We're very excited to be expanding our line of services to include event coverage," said Trailhead president Michael Schwartz. "Affordable solutions for both taped and live event coverage is a primary goal for us as we move into an exciting 2008." Trailhead is also on board to produce the October 16 panel discussion on potential Alabama constitutional reform efforts. The discussion will take place at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

trailhead and total baseball begin production on dvd series

Trailhead Productions, LLC is beginning production this month on a series of instructional videos for Birmingham based Total Baseball, LLC, a leading provider of baseball training and skills improvement for all ages. "This is an exciting project for us because the concept is tightly integrated with our expanded strategy of providing quality content through both our clients and our new digital content distribution network," said Trailhead president Michael Schwartz. As new videos are produced for distribution by Total Baseball, Trailhead Productions' online learning site, "The Commons" will be the point of purchase page for downloadable versions of the lessons produced over the course of production. Look to see this digital content available for download in the fall of 2007.

new trailhead site is now online

Trailhead Productions, LLC is proud to announce the relaunch of the company's website. The website, designed by Birmingham, Alabama based Man in the Maze Marketing, highlights the company's core areas of expertise: corporate services, broadcaster services, athlete services, and a new online store for downloadable digital content. "The relaunch will help Trailhead maintain a strong presence in a competitive industry, and provides a new home for our customers who want to stay ahead of the technology curve," said Trailhead President Michael Schwartz.

Trailhead on board for next Kenyon Plastering Inc. project

The warm weather is on the way, and Trailhead Productions, LLC is helping Kenyon Plastering Inc. make sure they have the best information for their employees. Trailhead is again acting as the finishing studio for Kenyon's policies and procedures training videos. The current assignment is to make sure the company's policies for working in the heat are easy to explain and understand. Trailhead will be creating the graphics package, coordinating the musical score, finalizing color correction, sweetening audio and mastering the final DVD output. Trailhead has been the finishing studio for every video produced by Kenyon Plastering, Inc.

Trailhead Wraps Promotional Video presented at Birmingham Home Show

Trailhead Productions, LLC has wrapped production on a promotional video for Birmingham based MARCAS SYSTEMS, Inc. that will be presented on a continuous loop at the Birmingham Home Show on March 8-11, 2007. The video highlights a new service that prevents mildew and mold from growing in existing homes and offices, as well as homes and offices still under construction. "We were very excited to work on this project, because the client needed a very quick turnaround, and we're always eager to show off our ability to produce quality video productions on an abbreviated schedule, which in this case was less than a week and a half from concept to deliverables," said Michael Schwartz, Trailhead founder and President. "We were able deliver this project on time and on budget, and we look forward to working with David Billings again." David Billings is the owner of MARCAS SYSTEMS, Inc and is also the host of the Home 101 show on Birmingham radio station 101.1 FM The Source.

To see the video Trailhead produced, click here

Trailhead Productions to produce 2007 documentary

Trailhead Productions, LLC is pleased to announce that the company will be the official production and post-produciton unit for Birmingham, Alabama synagogue Temple Beth-El as it undertakes its 2007 Centennial Celebration. The project, with the working title "Centennial Celebration" will be a 30 minute documentary focusing on the vibrant and crucial role played by the Temple Beth-El congregation over the course of the last 100 years. Shooting will commence on November 19, 2006 with various production dates scheduled throughout 2007. "We're thrilled to be undertaking this project," says Trailhead owner and founder Michael Schwartz. "Temple Beth-El has a rich history in the Birmingham community and documenting the role its members have played and continue to play in promoting faith and values in our community is an exciting opportunity."

A presentation date is scheduled for December 31, 2007.

Trailhead Productions converts to LLC

Trailhead Productions, formerly a sole proprietorship, has been converted to a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). After strong growth in the post-production and career development sectors, owner and founder Michael Schwartz is adding production capabilities to the company's existing services. The new status gives Trailhead Productions greater freedom and agility in taking on larger corporate projects, including expanded on-location shooting and documentary production.

Trailhead unveils new website design

Trailhead Productions is rolling out a fresh website design in order to better meet the needs of it's growing and changing client base. The new design features easier navigation tools and an added emphasis on our growing broadcast consultation services. There are new links with expanded information about our new podcast as well as expanded opportunities for parties interested in advertising on the Trailhead site. Traffic information is available on request.

Podcast audience reaches record high

Trailhead Productions, producer of "BackTime: The Podcast for Television Journalists" is experiencing steady growth in subscriber rates, downloads and clickthrough rates for this new podcast. Launched in January, BackTime is now averaging more than 250 hits each day, resulting in average daily downloads of between 100 and 150 unique items. Traffic to the Trailhead website has tripled since the launch of the show.

Trailhead's Newest Client

Trailhead Productions has entered into a strategic alliance with Visual Image consultant Diane Harris. Diane is a nationally recognized image consultant who has worked with broadcast personalities including Anderson Cooper and Diane Sawyer, and is one of the acknowledged experts in the field of on-air image consultation. Trailhead Productions will be assigned post-productions work designed to maximize the resumé tapes of Diane's clients. This is the second such partnership Trailhead has developed, having produced client tapes for Broadcaster Marketing Services since 2005.

Trailhead Launches New Podcast

Trailhead Productions is pleased to announce the launch of its new podcast, "BackTime: The Podcast for Television Journalists," as part of its services available to broadcast professionals. BackTime is a free podcast that serves up interviews with the men and women who work in television news, with an emphasis on skills improvement and job hunting strategies. The shows, which average 30 minutes in length, are hosted by Trailhead owner Michael Schwartz.