Online Resumé

For Clients

Trailhead Productions is offering a professional space for broadcast journalists to showcase their reels. You can have a dedicated web address that highlights your full-length reel in multiple resolutions, your professional experience, education and references.

For News Directors

If you have reached this page because you want to view a particular applicant's reel and resumé, you can do so by copying and pasting the web address our client gave you into the address bar of your browser. We only provide a linkable address from this page at our clients' direct authorization. It is recommended that you have Windows Media Player version 7 or later to view the online reels.

sample reels Available for Viewing

These are reels which our clients have directly given us permission to be available for pulic viewing. We respect our clients' privacy durin their jbo search, and do not generally provide direct links to client reels on the Trailhead site.


Jake Dunne
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Jennifer Hyde
Host (reel only, Windows Media)


matthew simon
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Lindsay Douglas Lindsay Douglas
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