Lindsay douglas
Representation: Broadcaster Marketing Services
Contact: David Brody

Phone: 1-877-888-1267


Instant “She” Play Host Intermix Productions
Sports Babes TV Host Smash Tube Productions
SoftVu Spokeswoman SoftVu Corp.
Corporate Channels Spokeswoman
The Sky & Linds Show Co-host Augie Prods.
Take Home Chef Guest Star TLC
Zsports Talk Host
Miss USA 2002


The Larabee Woods, Lead - Aryianna Malick, director
Scarecrow III, Supporting - Brian Katkin, director
Disturbance, Supporting - Nick Vallenago, director


Alice in Wonderland, Humpty Dumpty, Lafayette Theater
Wizard of the Mall, Dorothy, Lafayette Theater
Anything Goes, Reno Sweeney


Elton John “In the Heart of Every Girl” Featured


Jason Whitlocks, Neighborhood Guest Star - 810 AM/ESPN Radio
Crunch Time, On-air personality -810 AM/ESPN Radio
STAR KC, Guest Star - KC FM
Hot Talk with Randy Miller, Guest Star

Markie Costello

Hosting Bootcamp

Mark Sikes

Audition Technique

Shawn Nelson

The Impersonal Actor

Paul Lim Acting I, II